Medical Packaging Machines

MHI’s Medical Packaging Machines division distributes the blister thermoforming equipment built by MHK (Maruho Hatsujyo Kogyo) in Kyoto, another subsidiary of Maruho. MHK has been building these machines since 1987 and is one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical and medical packaging machinery in Japan. Over 400 MHK machines have been installed in Japan and Asia. Its customers include Maruho and leading Japanese and multinational medical and pharmaceutical companies.

MHI’s mission is to meet our customers’ needs by providing:

  • The highest possible quality blister packaging equipment
  • Unparalleled ease-of-use including simple set-up and run procedures, simple rapid tooling change-overs, and easy to understand manuals
  • Technical service, tooling, and integration services locally in North America
  • Exceptional value with economical pricing

MHI offers several of MHK’s state-of-the-art packaging machines that have been especially modified to meet the exacting demands of the US market. Currently, MHI’s standard product line includes:

  • EAGLE-Rx
  • EAGLE-Uni
  • EAGLE-Max
  • EAGLE-Pro & EAGLE-Pro(s)
  • EAGLE-Omni

All of these machines are “built by pharma, for pharma”.

Eagle Rx.

The Eagle blister machine is equipped with a lidding material pre-heat station to allow the processing of Child Resistant laminated lidding materials.

The servo driven and water cooled bottom sealing roller and the secondary cooling unit ensure maximum sealing process reliability over the course of your production run.

Both forming and lidding material unwind shafts are centrally adjustable for proper alignment of the materials.

The multi zone forming material heating station is servo driven and permits recipe driven adjustments of the stroke. Unique temperature sensors support easy validation and station calibration.

The limited number of format parts are lightweight and can be changed without tools (guide tracks and optional perforating and debossing tools not shown).



Length 1.970 meters

Width 0.900 meters

Height 1.635 meters

Weight: 1650 kg

Format Area: 90 x 130mm. (index by width)

Max Depth: 13 mm.

Mode of Operation: Platen Forming/Rotary Sealing

Output: up to 200 blisters/min.

Max Punch Speed: 100 cycles/minute

Max. reel diameters:

Forming film 500 mm.

Lidding film 300 mm.

Forming materials: PVC, PVDC, COC, ACLAR, ALU, other forming films

Lidding materials: ALU, paper, PVC, PET or laminated heat sealable lidding materials for Push-thru, Peelable, or Peel/Push applications

Features: Servo Driven, Balcony Design, Multi-zone preheating, Recipe driven format change, Tool-free change over, Small footprint, Versatile feeding solutions

The EAGLE-Rx blister machine was designed for maximum versatility and process reliability. Ideally suited for varying batch sizes, with quick changeover that is recipe driven and tool free. Servo technology ensures repeatability and minimizes mechanical adjustments. EAGLE-Rx’s balcony design achieves a small footprint.

Download EAGLE-Rx Brochure