More Than Just Packaging

Who We Are

In 2014, Maruho Hatsujyo Innovations (MHI) was formed as a subsidiary of Maruho Hatsujyo Kogyo (MHK), and today serves as the headquarters for Maruho’s business development in the United States. In Japan, MHK has a strong foundation in Medical Springs, Medical Devices, and Medical Packaging equipment. MHK was founded in 1952 as a spring manufacturer, began production of medical device components in 1977, and expanded to manufacture packaging machines in 1987. In the US, MHI’s purview is predominantly in the supply of its parent company’s premier pharmaceutical packaging equipment

Our Mission Statement

We believe the key to a thriving business is to work in conjunction with customers toward mutual growth. We believe our customers’ needs are paramount, and that our successes stem directly from customer satisfaction. We believe that we are more than just equipment and, per our motto, that what we provide is “More Than Just Packaging.”

Our Vision

MHI’s primary purpose is to aid our customers’ growth by providing customizable solutions and easy-to-use packaging equipment. To do so, we draw upon MHK’s extensive experience and expertise in designing optimal packing machinery for pharmaceutical companies around the world. Since MHI’s inception, it has acquired two other businesses: Relucent Metals Solutions and Relucent Plastics Solutions. Our combined operations provide prototyping and high-precision medical device components manufacturing.