MHI (Maruho Hatsujyo Innovations) was formed in 2014 as the US subsidiary of Osaka-based Maruho Co. Ltd, a major Japanese healthcare company with subsidiaries in Europe and the US and global sales exceeding $800 million.

MHI’s primary purpose is to aid in the globalization of Maruho’s machinery business, Maruho Hatsujyo Kogyo (MHK), by establishing a US base for business expansion. MHI is headquartered in Norwell, MA.

MHK has over 60 years of solid experience in the application of a variety of high-precision metalworking technologies to the manufacture of precision components. It is the leading supplier of ultrasonic endoscope and IVUS (intravascular ultrasound) devices in Japan. MHK is also the second largest pharmaceutical packaging equipment company in Japan, offering advanced packaging machines primarily for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

MHK was founded in 1952 as a spring manufacturer, as a division of Maruho. MHK diversified its business as it produced medical device components (1977). MHK has been building packaging machines since 1987. Over 400 MHK machines have been installed in Japan and Asia. Its quality programs have received ISO 9002 certification in 1999 and ISO 1401 in 2001.

In 2016, MHI added to its medical device component capability by acquiring Relucent Systems of Santa Rosa, CA. Renamed Maruho Relucent Inc. (MRI), it provides prototype design and precision manufacturing of medical device components.

As a result, MHI now has two businesses:

  • Distributing and supporting pharmaceutical and medical packaging machinery built by MHK
  • Providing prototype design, precision manufacturing of medical device components via MRI and distributing medical devices and components made by MHK.