Packaging solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry

MHI’s packaging machines are the perfect solution for your consumer goods packaging needs. It’s time to take your manual packaging operation and automate! Save time, money and increase your operations packaging efficiency. Our machines are a great fit for a wide variety of consumer goods, as well as single use personal items, and those products who require child resistant container options. The Eagle-Omni offers Consumer Goods producers a unique opportunity to better their packaging efforts.

MHI’s mission is to meet our customers’ needs by providing:
  • The highest possible quality blister packaging equipment
  • Unparalleled ease-of-use including simple set-up and run procedures, simple rapid tooling changeovers, and easy to understand manuals
  • Technical service, tooling, and integration services locally in North America
  • Exceptional value with economical pricing

The Eagle-Omni features deep cavities, designed to allow manual or fully automated operation, recipe driven format change, easy changeover, small footprint, and versatile feeding solutions. The perfect packaging machines for your Consumer Goods packaging needs.

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Slide Eagle Omni. Designed for manual or automated Operations Deep cavities Toolless change over Printer and Perforation options available Versatile feeding solutions Supports a wide variety of forming materials, PVC, PET, etc. Small footprint Supports various types of lidding materials such as easy peel and child resistant.

MHI’s Engineering Team will develop a customized machine perfect for your next project. In addition, we offer maintenance and tooling services, ensuring your equipment continues to run efficiently. Our customers are always our priority. It’s time to let our Eagle series of machines go to work for you. Maximize your profit, reduce cost, increase efficiency, and deliver the best product for your customers.

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