Medical Device and Components

MHI offers Medical Device and Components from MHK

Just the Quality You’re Looking for.

MHK is the top supplier of ultrasonic endoscope and IVUS (intravascular ultrasound) devices in Japan. Our customers want nothing but the best quality available. That’s what MHK delivers. MHI offers MHK’s high precision medical device components to U.S. customers.

Take a look through some of our projects below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask. We’ll help you meet your project requirements. With MHK’s metalworking expertise and engineering know-how, we can assist you in finding the right solution to match your particular needs.


Cerebral Surgery

Embolization Coil to treat Cerebral Aneurysms. The head of coil pictured above is processed spherically so as not to injure the tissue.

Wire diameter: 35μm to 45μm

Material: Pt-W

endoscopy device


With MHK’s laminated ring design, it is possible to get a very wide working-channel.

Outer diameter: 1.25mm


Inside the working channel of this IVUS device are multi-wire multi-layer coils. They are flexible and are capable of the synchronous rotation of the catheter tip and its handle at high speed rotation (1800 rpm).

General Surgery

MHK can process various shape baskets to remove kidney stones, gallstones, and thrombi.

Materials: Super Elastic Alloy (SEA Ni-Ti), SUS wire


The image above is of a brush biopsy tool created by MHK.

Material: SEA Ni-Ti

Wire diameter: 20μm

Cardiovascular Surgery

MHK can fabricate either pipe or wire stents in a great variety of sizes, shapes, and strengths.

Material: SUS, SEA Ni-Ti


This coil is used for pusher within a catheter handle. MHK can create ultrathin wire 10μm in diameter.

Material: SUS

Wire diameter: 10μm

Manufacturing Capabilites

MHI offers MHK’s full range of manufacturing capabilities that can help transform your extraordinary ideas into reality.

Micron-Scale Fabrication

MHK specializes in some of the smallest wires in the world including the pictured ultrathin wire, which is 100µm in diameter.

Laser Cutting: Pipe

The pictured pipe has a 5.3mm O.D. cut in 0.1mm intervals. MHK has the ability to create pipes like this with a 0.7mm O.D. Materials include stainless steel and Ni-Ti.

Laser Cutting: Sheet Metal

Sheet metal can be processed in the same shape from 0.85mm O.D. to 5.3mm O.D. The pictured pipe segment has a 1.25mm O.D. Hole diameters are 0.11mm and 0.18mm.

Laser Cutting: Spiral-cut Hypotube

This nylon-coated hypotube can be processed with an O.D. of 1.19mm and an I.D. of 0.96mm. The slit width in the pictured example is 0.03mm.

Laser Welding

MHK can weld 100µm wire and 150µm wire ropes (processing width: 0.2mm or more). With laser welding, we can process the tip of a coil into a smooth spherical shape. (Minimum outside diameter of coil 0.25mm diameter). Materials include noble metals, such as platinum.

Multi-wire, Multi-layer coiling

MHK excels in multi-wire, multi-layer coiling and has the ability to process both round wire and flat wire in two- and three-layer designs.
 These coils are used, for example, in shafts of Endoscopic Ultrasound devices as described above.

Wire diameter range: 0.03-0.2mm

Coil size range: O.D. 0.4-3mm,

I.D. 0.2mm minimum

Length: 2.3m maximum


Flat wire can be rolled down to a thickness of 20µm minimum. It can also be processed down to a width to depth ratio of 1:5.


Precision brazing of a coil prepares the terminal of a wire for additional processing, for example, connection-processing.

Electrolytic Polishing

Electrolytic polishing can eliminate the oxidized scale created by heat treatment.

Metals We Work In

MHK currently specializes in the following metals:

Ni-Ti alloy

  • Ni-Ti
  • Ni-Ti-Co
  • Ni-Ti-Cu
  • Ni-Ti-Cr

Noble Metals

  • Pt-W
  • Pt-Ir
  • Au-Pt

Cu alloy

  • Brass
  • Phosphor bronze


  • pure TI
  • Ti-6Ai-4V

SUS (stainless steel)

Spring steels

Engineering Capabilites

In addition to its diverse manufacturing capabilities, MHK also brings extensive engineering capabilities and expertise to the table. Our knowledge of heat treatment, surface treatment, and material characteristics extend into metalworking, mechanical design, and product evaluation.

We can assist you in the following areas:

Metalworking Wire

  • Coiling
  • Shape Memory Alloy (SMA)
  • Super Elastic Alloy (SEA)
  • Rolling

Metalworking Plate & Pipe

  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Cutting

Mechanical Design & Production

  • Multi-wire & Multi-layer coil

Product Evaluation / Quality Control

  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Finite Elemental Method (FEM)
  • Test for Tension & Torque
  • SMA inspection machine